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Honeywell Furnace Ignition Modules

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Integrated control
Part #: S9200U1000
• Main burner ignition using a 120V hot surface igniter. • Flame rectification circuit to monitor flame presence. • Monitoring of system pressure switch, high temperature limit, and rollout functions. • Appliance operation/safety requirements controlled via microprocessor. • Control of a standard induction-type circulating fan motor (based on appliance requirements), in response to a conventional low voltage or EnviraCOM™ thermostat. • LED system status, performance and diagnostic indication. • Wire harnesses provided for simple replacement of most IFCs and integration with most heating and cooling appliances. • Twinning capability • EnviraCOM™ communication capability to enable local and/or remote system status, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and HVAC system control. S9200U1000 replaces these Integrated Furnace Controls Amana 10207701, 10207702, 10207703,10207710 Goodman 1809913, 18099-13S, B180996, B1809906, B18099-6, B18099-06, B1809908, B18099-08, B1809910, B18099-10, B18009910, B180099-10, B1809913, B18099-13, B1809913S, B18099-13S, B18009913, B180099-13, CARB1809913S ICM ICM280 ICP 1010806, 1380-686, 1380-699 Lennox 1214201 Nordyne 624557, 6245570, 624557-0, 624564, 6245640, 624591, 624591A, 624591-A, 624591-B, 624591-C, 624591-D, 624628, 624628-0, 6246310, 624631-0, 624631A, 624631-A, 624631-B, 710128A, 902378, 902696, 903106, CAR903106 Rheem/Robert Shaw 62-24268-01, 62-24268-02, 695-200, 62-24268-03 Texas Instruments 6DT-1, 6DT-2, 61F3, 41F-5 United Technologies 1012-925A, 1012-925B, 1012-925C, 1012-955A, 1012955A, 1012-83-9651B, 1012-930, 1012933D, 1012-933D, 1012-83-9336AHSC1, 1012-83-9337A White-Rodgers 50A50-209, 50A50-230, 50T35730, 50T35-730, 50T35743, 50T35-743, 50A55-120, 50A55-286, 50A55-843, 50A50-143, 50A50-286, 50A50-438, 50A50-205, 50A50-206, 50A50-207, 50A50-142, 50A50-110, 50A50-111, 50A50-112, 50A50-113, 50A50-296, 50A55-143, 50A55-288, 50A50-285, 50A55-285, 50A50-288, 50A50-408, 50A50-241, 50A55-241 York 03100662000, 031-00662-000, 031-00662-700, 031-01140-000, 031-01140-001, 031011140002, 031-01140-002, 031-01140-701, 031-01140-702, 031-01234-000, 031-01235-000, 031-01234-700, 031-01235-700, 031-01250-000, 031-01266-000, 31-01267-00, 031-01267-000, 031-01267-001, 031-01267-001A, 031-01284-000, 031-01933-000, 031-01972-000, 031-01973-000, 031-02166-000, 031-09166-000, 031-09167-000, 331-01933-000, 331-01972-200, 331-09167-000, 43101972100, 431-01972-100, P03101267001, P031-01267-001, PTH031011400-00, CAR33101972200, CAR031019 73000, CAR50A55843, G951ADB1401, G951ADB1401C, G951ADB-1401C, G951ADB1402, G951ADB-1402, G951AEB-1403, 031-00662, 031-01266-000 Note: Use only with 120 VAC appliances.
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